Several important issues in selecting solar street lights

1. Determine the power of solar street lamps and choose the appropriate light source. During road construction, the configuration and production of light sources with different powers also vary. Only by carefully determining the configuration of the street lamp power meter can the quality of the street lamp be guaranteed.

2. Set up the street light system according to the implementation requirements. The lighting time varies depending on the road and requirements. Generally, the duration of street light lighting is set at 4-8 hours to ensure continuous lighting for 3-5 rainy days;

3. After completing the configuration of solar street lights, the manufacturer also needs to provide good installation and after-sales service. The most important aspect of solar street light installation is to achieve good photoelectric conversion of the system to ensure stable operation of the system.

When constructing solar street lights, only by preparing a detailed construction plan and ensuring good after-sales installation based on the actual needs of users can stable and reliable lighting of rural roads be achieved.